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Welcome (or welcome back) to the site! This is the spot to find out what I’ve been up to and what I’ll be doing next. I hope you have fun looking and listening!       

It’s been a few months now since we closed our run of “Hamilton” at the Pantages - that was an unforgettable journey, to say the least! Our company weathered a global pandemic, multiple layoffs, and many trials and tribulations, but we also savored incredible triumphs and milestones, and were able to share the joy of returning to live performance with hundreds of sold out audiences along the way. The greatest part of the whole experience was the bond that formed in the band - we all grew so close to one another. Everyone in that orchestra is a gem, and an absolutely incredible musician as well - seeing and playing with those guys every day is what I miss the most.

I’m still getting the chance to play Hamilton now and then, though! - it’s always gratifying to be able to fill in on one of the tours and to help bring that story to different parts of the country.

Another highlight for me this year was the release of the “Witness Uganda” album (on the Sony Masterworks Broadway label). I’ve played with this incredible project from the beginning, and it was thrilling to be such an integral part of the cast recording - I recorded all of my parts from home and every note I played was a joy. The cast and production is incredible, check it out if you can!

Currently I’ve been doing a lot of production work  from home. I’m most excited about the EP I am producing for my friend Kat Sherrell, a fantastic songwriter/singer/instrumentalist (and the associate MD from the LA Hamilton band!) Her songs are soulful and intelligent and it’s been a great collaboration, it’s really pushed me to expand my sonic palette. Keep an eye and ear out for her! I’ve also been working this month with the Martini Kings on the soundtrack for the upcoming film “Cabali”, that’s been a lot of fun as well - always great to work with my old pal and bandleader Tony Marsico.                       

I hope everyone is healthy and thriving, and wherever you are, may the arts enrich and nourish you. Wishing everyone a great summer, and as always, many thanks to you all for your continued support and inspiration - I hope to see & hear you soon!


                                                                                                                            June 2022


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