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Welcome (or welcome back) to the site! This is the spot to find out what I’ve been up to and what I’ll be doing next. I hope you have fun looking and listening!       

Happy New Year, first and foremost - I hope everyone has a lovely 2017, full of good music, health, humor, and grace. I’m looking forward to my adventures in the year ahead but it’s always a time for reflection on the year just past, which was an especially busy and productive year for me.

I spent more time on the road than I have in several years, mostly in the service of the national touring company of the record-breaking musical Wicked. Wicked and I have a long history together, and it was great to step back into the drum chair for several months as the tour rolled through the east coast and the midwest. After so many years and countless shows, it still remains one of the most challenging books I’ve ever had to play, and it was great to have the chance to do that again, as well as to connect with so many old and new friends. I’m sure we’ll cross paths again!

I also really enjoyed working at the La Jolla Playhouse last year - that was my first time working with that company and it’s a fantastic organization from top to bottom.

On the production front, I am most proud of the just-released album from Kate Higgins, “Sweet And Blue”. Kate and I have worked together for years and I have always loved her songwriting and musicianship, but this collection of songs was magical and charmed - everything about the recording came together like a dream. Kate, Anthony King, and I played all the instruments on the album, and I think it really has an organic feel to it that is truly special. I hope everyone gets a chance to check that one out - and again, I can’t say enough about the songs, great songs make everything easy!

My other favorite release last year was the new Inga Swearingen album, “Let Me Call This Home”. I played drums on the record and it was really cool to be a part of Inga’s music after having been a fan of hers for many years.

Otherwise I continue to stay busy with writing, scoring films, and hitting things. It’s always great playing around town with my great friends in the Martini Kings, my main working band - we had a great 2016, and 2017 is busy already. I’m also a regular with Ken Song’s trio at Bandera in West LA, you can find me there most weeks. There’s always something new happening in the gig calendar every month, and as ever I am grateful to get the chance to play so many styles of music with so many fantastic musicians in this city.

I’m continuing with my teaching as well, I’ve been taking on a bunch of great new students. Please see the “instruction” page for more details.

Family takes up the rest of my time - and that is the time best spent!

As always, many thanks to all of you for your continued support and inspiration - thanks for stopping by and I hope to see & hear you soon!


                                                                                                                            January 2017


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